Youth Guidance & Support Program

Bridging the gap between school and either higher education or the working world is a concern of youth worldwide. At the end of 2015, a new initiative – the Visions Youth Guidance & Support Program was launched with the aim of providing a more holistic set of support services to high-achieving youth who find themselves at this critical juncture.

Starting with a batch of 9 youth who had participated in Visions’ leadership trainings for the previous 4+ years, we sent the first 7 girls & 2 boys to university in mid-2016! These students (who are pursuing everything from Aeronautical Engineering to English to Nursing) have been able to tap into various scholarships & support schemes, or access loans when necessary. With only minor financial assistance from Visions India (about $300/year per student), we are able to help keep them in school by covering minor incidental expenses, like entrance exam fees, living expenses, books, etc.

Beneficiaries of the Visions Youth Guidance & Support Program benefit from:

  • counseling / mentorship

  • exam prep & registration

  • access to information about higher education & technical opportunities, requirements, etc.

  • support with drafting applications, CVs, scholarship applications, and essays

  • interview training

  • intensive spoken English training

  • leadership & life skills development training

  • field trips to prospective universities, programs, etc.

  • parents counseling & planning support

  • regular communication with Visions-supported local staff in order to track and document progress & overall development

  • whenever possible, provide financial assistance or interest-free loans to qualified students

india girls scholarship meeting 2017.png

This year (2017), we have identified 14 more young women who are in need of financial assistance to make their university dreams a reality!

With just Rs. 1,600/month (USD$25/month), you can sponsor 1 young woman over the next 1 year of her education.

Please make a contribution today, and we will keep you updated on your student's individual progress.