Visions Global Empowerment – India (“Visions India”) is an independent nonprofit organization incorporated under the Trust Act of India (Registration # 65/16). Inspired by the ongoing educational development work of Visions Global Empowerment (USA), which has been active in India since 2008, Visions India seeks to continue the tradition of implementing meaningful education and community development projects in India for under-served populations.


 Our Mission

To promote meaningful and holistic educational services & opportunities for youth and communities affected by poverty, disability, and other hardship; and to promote thoughtful and sustainable community development that promotes the well being of all persons and helps to promote a thriving and robust civil society.


Our Core Values & Beliefs

  • We believe in the power of education and the right of every person to receive a high quality education.

  • We believe in creating meaningful educational opportunities for youth and adults to learn, develop important skills, and create a brighter future for themselves.

  • We believe in the equality of persons and the equal treatment of all persons regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, gender, socioeconomic status, caste, physical ability, education, or any other factor.

  • We believe that all lives hold equal value.

  • We believe that children belong in the classroom and not in the workplace.

  • We believe that each person has the right to determine their own destiny and to make decisions that directly impact their own lives.

  • We believe that intolerance, intimidation, and bullying have no role or purpose in our society.

  • We believe in non-violence and stand firmly against domestic abuse, child abuse, and other forms of violence, especially against women.

  • We believe in honesty, transparency, and accountability.

  • We believe that actions speak louder than words.

  • We believe that all persons have a responsibility to act ethically and to treat others in a manner that reflects how they wish to be treated in return.

  • We believe that respect is earned not demanded.

  • We believe in the potential and the ability of all persons to make a positive difference in their own lives and on behalf of their communities and world-at-large.

  • We believe in compassion & service, and in working alongside communities as partners and equals to create positive change and respond to ongoing challenges.

  • We believe that all people are born with inherent and inalienable human rights, and that we all have a responsibility to protect and ensure these rights are respected.

One should be a model to children. I have learned how to mold children through games and about what the best qualities of leadership entail – to act morally, to achieve excellence, and to endeavor to set an example for others.
— Visions India Community Worker


Our Finances

By law, we are required to make our annual tax return statement available to the public. We are happy to share that document (our Visions India 2017 Indian Income Tax Return statement) with you here: